Manufacturing Day has been designed to expand knowledge about and improve general public perception of manufacturing careers and manufacturing’s value to the North American economy. In addition, manufacturers will learn about business improvement resources and services delivered through manufacturing extension partnerships.

October 5, 2021

VIRTUAL EVENT: Click the "Play" button to the right to view the recorded Livestream!

8:30am - 9:30am - Live Panel Discussion & Interactive Q&A

See below to choose Virtual Tours of Manufacturing Facilities

Videos Showcased During Livestream:

If you are curious about modern manufacturing and would like to learn more about this exciting industry we'd like to invite you to this educational and fun-filled virtual experience.

Join us and learn:
• What modern manufacturing facilities are really like these days
• What the companies located in your community make and who they sell to
• What kinds of jobs are available in manufacturing
• What skills and education are needed to qualify for today’s manufacturing jobs
Virtual Tour Sites:

2021 St. Charles County Virtual Tour Sites:

2021 HOSTS:

Students will hear first hand what is made in St. Charles County and learn about modern manufacturing and the career opportunities
that it holds.

Students will be treated to:
  • Live Panel Discussion
  • Engaging Speakers
  • Local Manufacturers
  • Virtual Tours of Manufacturing Facilities
PANELIST for Live Discussion:
Panel Members Include:

Becky Tipton - DigiCan Printing
Collette Kelly - Nike Air MI
Mark Seyer - Seyer Industries
David Dowell - Novus International
Matt Lucas - True Manufacturing


2021 St. Charles County On Site Tours:

Upper Elementary, Middle and High School students are invited to join us for a fun-filled interactive virtual hour of discussion and questions and answers. Students will hear from local manufacturers with engaging information on what high tech programs are being used in today's manufacturing facilities, skills needed to perform in a manufacturing career and so much more. Several local manufacturers will have Virtual Tours available for students to watch after the panel discussion wraps up or whenever is convenient for the class!

To sign up your school contact:
Tammie DeLosSantos
636-922-8474 or
Area manufacturing companies are invited to participate in this important event via virtual tour submissions showcasing what you do, why you do it, the technology used in your facility, the mission of your company, what skills sets are needed to start a career in your facility and anything else you'd like potential workforce to know about your company!

To sign up your business contact:
Tammie DeLosSantos
636-922-8474 or

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